Dive Rates

Our Dive Prices

per dive (IDR)
1 Dive
first impressions
with tank
with weights and weight belt
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Discover Ambon
per dive (IDR)
2 - 5 Dives
discover the diversity
with tank
with weights and weight belt
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Treasure Hunter
per dive (IDR)
6 - 9 Dives
experience our critters
with tank
with weights and weight belt
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At our dive point you can dive independently in buddy teams. The best dive sites for muck diving are right in front of the door. If you wish, you can also join one of our dives with a spotter.

For boat dives to more distance dive sites will be an extra fuel charge applied.

Please note there is an additional village tax per diver of 30.000 IDR to be paid per diving day.
Please notice: There is no package price available for diving and accommodation.


Rental Equipment

For those who want to minimise luggage weight, or do not have their own dive gear, we offer:


Full Gear
per dive day (IDR)
Mask, Fins, Booties
Wetsuit (3mm)
UW Torch
per dive day (IDR)
LED underwater light
Part by Part
per dive day (IDR)
by part
BCD: 50.000
Regulator: 50.000
Mask, Fins, Booties: 20.000
Wetsuit (3mm): 30.000


Rental prices are for a full day.

We use Apeks regulators and wing BCDs by Golem (steel, aluminum, or Xtra light back plates). These give an efficient, horizontal underwater position. Wings can be customised with integrated weighting options, for back-friendly diving.

Please notice: We only have INT tanks – if you are using your own DIN regulator please bring an adapter.